Chapter Five


Hart, Sol and Kai make ready for battle as-
The rest of the Sahns with the drovers in-tow have caught up and prepare to cross the hard pan for a final show down.

Listen to chapter 5 here

Read along with chapter five here


Hey there guys, this is Saul Gillingham, co-writer/creator of Once it’s Begun. I’m Glad you’ve made it this far and I’m sure you’re gonna love the final instalment.

I just wanted to say that what you’re listening to now, for free, is the product of probably over 1000 hours of work and all that we ask you in return is that you rate us, like us, review us, share on social media and basically help spread the word about this great show.

We’re hoping that if enough people listen to this we can get the funding together to pay for us to make season two or you never know, maybe even re-make Once it’s Begun as a movie (as it was originally intended to be)

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